A robe for Otis
Time alone

Oh gosh, I finally did it. The Montessori Placemat.

Montessori placemat

Oh gosh, I finally did it. The Montessori Placemat. I have been so behind with everything in our lives that I almost purchased one from etsy. I promise this took about half an hour and some scrap fabric. I used some left over linen from the puzzle ball and left over binding from Caspar's robe. 

It's too late for Caspar he's already familiar with table settings so I made this on the smaller side for Otis. Perhaps I should have stitched it by hand but if that were the case I would have never got it done. I stitched it all by machine and besides the little start/stop stitches I think it looks ok. It will certainly do the job. I know you can buy extra nice ones and follow patterns. This is one for those short on time wanting simplicity. 

I'll be answering our most frequently asked questions about weaning next week. Weaning meaning the introduction of solids, I won't really be covering questions about weaning from the breast. Unless of course you have any burning questions. Let me know.

PS - Yes, we actually set this for Otis. He's a superstar at using a fork, not so good with a spoon. I'll give more detail and try to get some photos or video for next week.  

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