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Purposeful activity

Preparing his own snack

Otis peeling banana 1

Did you see Sara's post at Feeding the Soil of Henry helping in the kitchen? I loved it so much I recently tried something similar with Otis. He wasn't really interested though. He just kept on sitting down.

Sara got me thinking. How young is too young to help in the kitchen? Well of course age is no limit. It's more important to think about the skills and interests of your child. I know Otis loves bananas and peeling a piece is nice and simple. A perfect fit for Otis. 

He did at first try to eat the banana without peeling it. I peeled the first piece and he got it from there. I've made a small cut through the peel so it's easy.

Wow, did he just prepare his own snack? Seriously, he's peeling his own banana! I love Montessori.

Thanks for the inspiration Sara. 

Otis eating banana snack

Otis peeling banana

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