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Ring (and Cube) Stackers for 12 months

Ring Stackers for 12 months

Using a stacker is good for a child's hand eye coordination, concentration, focus and spatial awareness. Some stackers are also good for learning shapes and colours. 

These are the stackers we are using and rotating with Otis at twelve months. 

1. Rainbow Stacker. This looks beautiful sitting on the shelf. 

2. Ring Stacker with Colour Discs from Beginning Montessori. This stacker is a favourite of mine because it is really four stackers in one (have a look at their site to see what I mean). Different sized discs makes this suitable for a wide range of skill levels and keeps the interest of the child. 

3. Vertical Cube Stacker. 

4. Horizonal Stacker. I love this. It requires the child to think a little differently. I have found this requires a little more skill and coordination than the other stackers. This is currently above Otis's skill level.  

Do you have a ring stacker at home? They are not only a Montessori concept. I remember having a plastic version when I was young. 

It's easy to present a stacker on a small tray especially if your child is walking. It's good practice to carry their own materials and a tray makes this easy. Also I have started presenting the stackers with a basket as shown below. Rather than putting the rings on the table, where they can roll away, having a basket lets the child know exactly where they go.

I have seen a couple of stackers with a built in hollow or dish to keep the rings. Clever. 

Ring stacker with basket

What do you do with your used Montessori furniture and materials? I think in a year or so I will need to have one large Montessori garage sale. 

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