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Help me to do it myself - pouring a drink

Grow your own Mushrooms!

We're growing mushrooms!

My attitude to preparing activities for Caspar has changed. While I still explore and try to expand upon his interests I also try to engage him in new and interesting concepts. Like growing sprouts or making our own butter. Because he spends so much time in school I try to present learning opportunities that are not available to him there. Like growing mushrooms. 

How much fun. I didn't know you could get kits to do this. It takes a while though, all things going well we'll have mushroom mold in a week and harvesting mushrooms within a month. 

Otis is the lucky second child who comes along for the ride. Caspar is misting the mushrooms above and those are Otis's little hands below. He's peak in a pointing phase. 

Grow your own mushrooms!


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