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Honestly when I first read about teething necklaces I thought the child must chew them. I hesitated thinking what a choking hazard! You know the child isn't supposed to chew the necklace at all, they simply need to wear it against their skin. Caspar wore his infrequently and it didn't appear to help at all. However Otis is happy to wear his all the time. He doesn't notice it and you cannot even see it, it's usually hidden beneath his clothes. The theory is Amber has healing properties and can help relieve the pain of teething. The Amber needs to... Read more →

Following a few comments here is in photographs how we attached this picture to the wall. We have a couple of pictures like this. We found them at a second hand stall. This one is my favourite, I love that Otis can see the farm animals. We use Command Picture Hanging Strips. They are temporary so you can remove the strips from the wall and your picture without any damage. This is perfect for a toddler's room where you might want to move the pictures frequently. One strip goes on the picture and one on the wall. The reason this... Read more →

Along with shoes we also ordered these toilet learning pants from Michael Olaf. Otis has been wearing training pants for a while like the red ones in this post although as you can see they are bulky and absorb much like a nappy, neither Otis or I could even tell he was wet. I was looking for pants that were; Absorbent enough there is no puddle but the child still feels wet Easy to see the child is wet Slimline, not at all bulky Easy to get on and off, even for a very young child Made from natural fibers... Read more →

We bought Otis's first cube chair before he was born. I always liked the look of two chairs together, such a cute concept. Because these two chairs have different stains they don't match perfectly but I still love using them together. Otis used the Me-Do-It chair as a weaning chair. At six months he couldn't sit up like this, he needed the support. He is currently using the Me-Do-It chair in his room and this combo is for his snack area. I love that it is compact, when friends come over we have two chairs and they can be used... Read more →

I wish I could capture and save the beauty of today. So many of my friends and family are in good places right now. My sister Shannon is about to compete in her second Ironman. That's 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.2km run. Shannon, there isn't a moment Sunday we won't be thinking of you! After school today the boys and I visited the National Museum Australia, for the second time in two days. We visited the Travelling the Silk Road exhibition and passed through Xi'an, Turfan, Samarkand and Baghdad. I loved this exhibition, I loved their use of senses.... Read more →

I featured the above photograph on Tuesday for the Photo of the Day but I liked it so much I wanted to feature it here too. I know many of you are book fans, big book fans. I have written about why read to your baby before but things are now different for Otis. He can choose, open and read his own book. I love capturing these quiet moments of him reading to himself. At twelve months I endeavor to teach him; How to hold a book (carefully and the right way up), I don't correct him if he holds... Read more →

Today Caspar made hommus. We don't have a food processor and when I saw this hand held processor demonstrated and they said it could be easily used by a child, I was sold. We love hommus but this is the first time we have made it ourselves. Although it didn't taste as good as the hommus from our local Turkish restaurant it did taste better than the supermarket hommus. This is a very simple recipe. Most people suggest a spoonful of Tahini which would be a good addition if you found your hommus needed a boost. Hommus 1 can chick... Read more →

Oh it's getting cold! I'm committed to getting outside more this winter. Last winter we bunkered down and stayed indoors. Otis was a newborn and Caspar couldn't shake illness. I hoping this year will be different. I've heard people say 'children don't feel the cold'. But they really do. They may be too busy playing to notice but there is no way they can sit still, concentrate, work and fulfill their potential while they are cold. Caspar has always worn the Nature Baby Merino Thermals. It's pretty much wash and wear, in winter he wears the long sleeve top every... Read more →