A sneak peek at our new pet!
Fascinated by Froebel

Pets for children - how about Hermit Crabs?

One and two.


Pets add a feeling of warmth to a home. For a minimalist like me that's important. Pets allow us to observe nature up close. We can learn anatomy, behaviour patterns, eating habits, oh so much. 

I love these little critters. They have personality and are very active. They like digging, climbing, tumbling and eating. 

To start I wasn't sure. They require upkeep. Their water and food needs to be replenished frequently. Their water needs to be dechlorinated and they need a salt bath. You have to monitor their temperature. It's too much for Caspar so his responsibility is checking on their welfare, "do they look happy?" and an occassional mist.  

Normally it's not that crowded, today we tried offering some banana and grapes. It's hard to tell if they ate any but they climbed all over it. 

It's important to us that they are accessible. First we had them on a small coffee table. But that was too easy for Otis to reach, he started banging on the glass. This table is perfect, it's so stable and Otis can see the crabs but he cannot reach them. It's nice that Caspar can still access the aquarium and it makes a nice place for him to sit and observe. 

Observation table.


I'm still a novice. Seeking the advice of crab keepers near us and reading up, there is some great information on forums and even blogs on crabs. If you have any tips on keeping Hermit Crabs I'd be happy to hear. Our crabs currently don't have a hut but the branch does provide protection.

Grrr. I just read Hermit Crabs don't like misting. Who to believe?

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