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The Cube Chair

Otis in cube chair eating snack

We bought Otis's first cube chair before he was born. I always liked the look of two chairs together, such a cute concept. Because these two chairs have different stains they don't match perfectly but I still love using them together. 

Otis used the Me-Do-It chair as a weaning chair. At six months he couldn't sit up like this, he needed the support. He is currently using the Me-Do-It chair in his room and this combo is for his snack area. I love that it is compact, when friends come over we have two chairs and they can be used as step stools in the kitchen. Later they can be used as besides tables.

I was asked about his picture. He cannot pull it off because it sits flat against the wall. He cannot get his fingers behinds it for leverage. He still tries occasionally.

Otis in cube chair

Otis eating cheese at cube chair

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