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Toilet Learning Pants

Training pants - 12 months

Along with shoes we also ordered these toilet learning pants from Michael Olaf.

Otis has been wearing training pants for a while like the red ones in this post although as you can see they are bulky and absorb much like a nappy, neither Otis or I could even tell he was wet. I was looking for pants that were;

  • Absorbent enough there is no puddle but the child still feels wet
  • Easy to see the child is wet 
  • Slimline, not at all bulky
  • Easy to get on and off, even for a very young child
  • Made from natural fibers
  • Comfortable

These pants are perfect for us. They are made from organic cotton and so far no puddles. Not even a wet bed. Although I don't intentionally have him sleep in them. I usually change him before bed, sometimes I don't get a chance. 

Otis only wears them when we are at home. When he is in training pants I am able to see when he is wet and have worked out a bit of a pattern. Otis is also very aware of when he needs to use the toilet (potty) but sometimes we don't make it in time. The pants also help with self confidence. No problem if the pants get wet, we'll go put on a dry pair. 

Otis wearing his training pants climbing into his walker wagon

I continually refer back to the toileting section at Aid to Life. The information is simple and doable.

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