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A sneak peek at our new pet!

Using a work mat at home and an open and close activity

You need to use both hands Otis!

Do your children use a work mat at home? I wonder at what age it is introduced? 

In the past Otis has worked at his table or straight on the floor. This is the first time he has used a work mat. I felt like a real teacher rolling it out slowly and deliberately.

As you can see Otis wanted to sit on it. I only have two rules. 1. The work stays on the mat. 2. The mat is rolled up and put away when we are finished. 

When I met with Kate last week I realised that we would soon be posting on similar activities. Otis and Sarah are so close in age we will always have much in common. 

I remember presenting an open and close activity to Caspar when he was around eighteen months. The beauty of this activity is you can easily change the skill level. Otis's basket contains tins, jars and other containers from the kitchen and bathroom. I don't mind the busyness of the labels, I think it makes this a good practical life activity. He's not just opening a container, he is opening a spice jar!

As it turns out Otis is only interested in mastering the Cream to Tartar container. He's focused for sure. 

Lid on!

Open and close basket