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DIY Wool Puddle Pad

DIY wool puddle pad

What is a Puddle Pad? 

A pad that works much like a mattress protector. It can also be used as a change mat or to protect your car seat. Great for ECers, leaky nappies, leaky babies and for toilet learning toddlers. 

Why now?

During the day Otis will often take a nap with his toilet learning pants on. The pants absorb some moisture but I don't want to risk a yucky mattress. I almost purchased a puddle pad until I realised how easy it is to make one yourself.

Why wool?

I really dislike the mattress protectors I've seen in our stores - sticky, synthetic and crinkly. Cotton pads offer some protection but not as much as wool. I really love wool plus it's:

  • breathable, helps to maintain a comfortable body temperature
  • comfortable 
  • all natural
  • anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  • easy to clean, with small leaks a good airing is all that's required
  • odour repellent, just air regularly


  1. Find or thrift a 100% wool blanket, preferably one that is nice and soft. I found this blanket for $15. If you are putting the blanket under a white or pale sheet you may want a plain or neutral coloured blanket.
  2. Felt the wool in a hot wash. I used the hot water setting on my washing machine and followed with a hot dry cycle.
  3. Cut the blanket to size. I cut two pieces the same size for extra thickness, I also ironed the blanket so it would lie flat.
  4. Sew the two pieces together. I used a simple stitch around the edge just to keep the pieces together. As the wool is felted it doesn't fray. If you don't sew you could simply use one layer or fold one layer in half.
  5. Trim the edges to neaten up. 

Edge of Wool Puddle Pad

To lanolise?

I haven't lanolised. As Otis is sleeping with his pants on I expect the puddle pad to only ever get damp not totally soaked. Also I suspect it would require a lot of lanolin which isn't cheap so I'm giving it a go unlanolised. Fingers crossed!

Sleeping on wool puddle pad

I will put the pad underneath the sheet it keep it in place. He doesn't move much in his sleep so hopefully I've made it big enough. I have heaps of the felted blanket left over, I'm thinking of cutting it into squares for cleaning or polishing??

More about toilet learning tomorrow!

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