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Do you like Montessori inspired art? I love it. These are simply stunning for the home, office or school. 

1. "A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child" - Simply Montessori Printable Poster

2. "The secret of a happly life is congenial work. Work is purposeful activity. Man is the foremost worker in creation. Mans work has changed the face of the earth. Maria Montessori" - Montessori Poster - Work by Lucia Pearce, Image from Three Potato Four, similar available ebay

3. I Taught Myself letterpress broadside by Starshaped Press at Etsy.

4. "Human consciousness comes into the world as a flaming ball of imagination. Everything invented by man, physical or mental, is the fruit of someone's imagination. The secret to good teaching is to regard the child's intelligence as a fertile field in which seeds may be sown to grow under the flaming heat of imagination. Maria Montessori" - Montessori Poster - Imagination by Lucia Pearce sold out at Three Potato Four, similar available ebay

5. Live Learn Find Peace Poster available through Friends of Montessori. You can even have your school logo put on it.  

Amy Kuhl Cox, Together We Can Change the World Poster


Together We Can Change the World Poster by Amy Kuhl Cox (PeaceMontessori). 




For two beautiful works have a look at this wonderful Practical Life Print by Jennifer Howard and  My Work painting by Marilyn Jacobson.

This what I want on my walls. I'm having trouble backing this project I'm outside the US but I'm hopeful of finding a way. More information can be found at the Baan Dek Blog


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