Feathers for fun and sensory play
Montessori infant mobiles - would you like to contribute?

Pom poms and cardboard tubes

Otis with rectangular block

I originally set this up with six tubes and a rectangular block. Otis made it clear that he would rather sit and only used the bottom tube. 

Putting block into tube

Because I was with him, working in the kitchen, I gave him some small pom poms. He also used matchsticks and paddle pop sticks. 

Putting pom-pom into cardboard tube

You can tell when the child is engaged. Repetition. Over and over again. 

Putting pom pom into cardboard tube

After re-arranging and using only two tubes, Otis thought this was ok too. 

Small pom pom through cardboard tubes

This could be the easiest and cheapest activity I've posted yet!

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