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Otis scooping up ball

As any parent knows it's hard to rest when you have children. It's also difficult to care for children when you are injured. My leg is still in a splint and besides medical appointments I have not left the house all week. Definitely no nature walks.

Otis has been getting restless. I have been searching our cupboard for any old toys of Caspar's that might slightly interest him. Luckily I've found a few. I also remembered how much Caspar loved this scooping activity and thought Otis might just get it. 

Otis will ball out of the water

With a very low grip and a firm hand Otis worked it out. You can't see in these pictures but he did get very wet.

Otis trying to scoop the ball

Otis with ball in water

This was almost too difficult. It's a fine balance. We want to challenge our children without making the challenge unachievable. I don't want the activity to end in frustration or with a defeated child. Otis also used his hands after a few minutes then went back to the scoop. This was totally ok with me. It was a fun activity and he was working hard. 

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