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Otis is walking. It feels like I can breathe a sigh of relief. At fifteen, almost sixteen months he is by no means an early walker. The age when children start walking varies so much it's a reminder of how different our children are. It's why so many people tell me their child isn't interested in the same activities as Otis. Now he is walking he's interested in different things too. His top priority is practicing walking. Even better if he can find something to carry. He loves to carry a basket and find things to put in the basket.... Read more →

I'm constantly looking for meal and snack ideas for my children. Food they will both eat. Nicole at Planning with Kids always has plenty of ideas for quintessential Australian meals. To be honest I rarely use a recipe. I'm really looking for recipe ideas, flavour combinations, especially ideas using ingredients I have on hand or left-overs. Mini fritattas are great as the only things that are essential are eggs and milk. Then I look for what else I have in the refrigerator. Salmon and spinach? Chicken and corn? Today it was roast vegetables. I cut the vegetables into small pieces... Read more →

It's been a busy weekend here. I've spent the last two days cleaning, so uneventful but nice. I have many things to update you on but for now I have some fun links to share. Have you seen Theo's room yet? I love children's rooms that are so fresh like this. Lots of clean space, lots of natural light. I love this look. I've only recently discovered this fantastic online shop Craft4Kids. A quick look around and I realise their prices are fantastic. They even stock the elusive crayon rocks that I couldn't find locally. The store is run by... Read more →

Did I tell you I had a suprise? Not only is the Montessori Shop giving away a kids kitchen pack they are also giving away a copy of Montessori Madness by Trevor Eissler! This is a great giveaway. To be in the running leave a comment giving me your best tip for cooking with children. My best tip? Do it often, everyday if possible! This great giveaway includes; Montessori Madness book, 500ml pitcher, 250ml pitcher, child sized dustpan set in blue (this set is made in Germany and is great quality) and a child sized apron (handmade), rolling pin, tongs,... Read more →

When it comes to creating a Montessori environment it's hard to go past the ideals. Space is an ideal. But the true essence of a Montessori environment? It's thoughtfulness, it's knowing your child and meeting their needs, regardless of your circumstance. That is why I find this little kitchen so delightful! Hannah is Montessori trained and is a nanny to a very lucky Helmi who is 19 months old. Living in Paris Hannah has the challenge of creating a Montessori environment in a very tight space. There are so many little touches here that make this environment simple but perfect.... Read more →

Yes, our most famous book is now available on Amazon! The book is suitable for children aged 18 months to nine years. While I only have experience with younger children remember Sara was a Montessori teacher for the 6-9 age group so the book was written with this age group in mind too. Sara, Angie and I are all mothers and this book has truly come from our hearts. We feel this book would be a great asset to any home with children or school library. It's perfect for the classroom, Grandparents or as a gift! I receive so many... Read more →

There are four in the kitchen questions that I get asked very often. Here are my answers! 1. What is Caspar/Otis standing on to reach the counter in the kitchen? Caspar and Otis use the Little Helper Fun Pod. It's height adjustable so I can adjust it depending on who is using it. I purchased it online from a store that no longer stocks it. I cannot find a current Australian stockist. The Fun Pod has four sides so it's great for the younger child, there is no chance they can slip or fall out (unless they are a super-duper... Read more →

Caspar wipes the dishes while Otis watches intently. Otis isn't at the stage of participating yet, he will collect and hold his tea towel, he might sit on the dishwasher door and sometimes pulls the cutlery out of the basket. He's naturally inquisitive about what is going on and how he fits into the picture. Even for Caspar our regular sized tea towels are too large. The item he is drying gets lost and I fear for breakages. To avoid disagreements they have matching child sized tea towels. I cut a regular sized tea towel in half, hemmed and sewn... Read more →

Today I purchased some organic milk. It tasted wonderful, thick, luscious and flavoursome. It was a world apart from the cheaper supermarket variety we usually get. When I was in the paid workforce we had a weekly delivery of fresh organic produce. Our budget is no longer so generous. We still eat organic produce when the prices are comparable but here in Australia there is currently a 'price war' on milk. Supermarket milk has become extremely cheap. Today I'm taking a step back to re-evaluate what I want for my children. Montessori said to surround your child in beauty. So... Read more →

To celebrate the arrival of our new book Kids in the Kitchen I have teamed up with my sponsors to host some child sized kitchen item giveaways. Just in case you missed it Kids in the Kitchen is now available internationally here. In the book we discuss setting up your kitchen for your child and the importance of child sized items. Child sized items including utensils are beneficial as they can help your child master a skill much earlier. Utensils designed for children are easier for them to use and to coordinate. However do not let the lack of child... Read more →

I love to observe Montessori teachers. I like to see how they demonstrate things that are practical and applicable to our home life. Perhaps I'll learn something. During my observations I've noticed teachers demonstrating peeling a banana to toddlers four different ways. Each way has it's purpose I assume. Slices and pieces are easy for little fingers, great for sharing at snack time and the child can use tongs to put on a serving plate. For the youngest child the adult makes a cut down the skin to make it easier for the child to start. I've only seen this... Read more →

Sara asked me many months ago if I would co-author a book with her. I said yes without even thinking about it. I wanted to work with Sara because I admire her ability to think big. We think alike when it comes to Montessori in the home but that's where the similarities end. My aim is to bring Montessori to my children. Sara's aim is to bring Montessori to all. Yes, she thinks big like that. Let me tell you she's going to make it happen. . Sara's son Henry (pictured above) is only a month or so older than... Read more →

Yes, Kids in the Kitchen - the book is available now! It's available internationally here. Want to cook with your child but don't know where to start? Want to teach your child cooking skills so they can work in the kitchen independently? Want your child to take the lead and be able to follow an entire recipe? Interested to know how Montessori parents approach cooking with children? It's all here. We start with a very candid introduction about how we came together to write the book. We discuss how to set up your kitchen, skills to introduce to your child... Read more →

About a month ago I made Otis an apron, you can see him wearing it in my last post. I couldn't find many aprons for sale for this age group. The aprons 3-6 years are too big. So really similar to Sarah's Apron, I traced the outline of Caspar's apron and made a smaller one for Otis. Just as easy you could take up/in the larger sized apron and then let it out as your child grows. This is great if you can sew and have the time. Recently I found these adorable aprons from GooseDesigns. Not only are these... Read more →