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Theo's room!

It's been a busy weekend here. I've spent the last two days cleaning, so uneventful but nice. I have many things to update you on but for now I have some fun links to share. 

Have you seen Theo's room yet? I love children's rooms that are so fresh like this. Lots of clean space, lots of natural light. I love this look. 

I've only recently discovered this fantastic online shop Craft4Kids. A quick look around and I realise their prices are fantastic. They even stock the elusive crayon rocks that I couldn't find locally. The store is run by a Montessori mum which, you know, means I like it even more. I've been looking into eco friendly paints too, Otis gets covered in paint and I would prefer a more natural paint, has anyone tried the GLOB Paint Kit or the Eco-kids eco-paint? The thought of compostable jars and natural ingredients (organic fruit, plant and vegetable extracts) makes me happy!

Could this possibly be the most beautiful Montessori home schooling environment? This is a great Montessori environment to study not only because Nichole is Montessori trained and knows a thing or two, but because it's so warm and appealing, all those things Montessori should be but is difficult to achieve. Nicole's blog Live Free is beautiful too and contains lots of Montessori snippets. 

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