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Consuming organic

Do you drink organic milk?

Today I purchased some organic milk. It tasted wonderful, thick, luscious and flavoursome. It was a world apart from the cheaper supermarket variety we usually get. 

When I was in the paid workforce we had a weekly delivery of fresh organic produce. Our budget is no longer so generous. We still eat organic produce when the prices are comparable but here in Australia there is currently a 'price war' on milk. Supermarket milk has become extremely cheap.

Today I'm taking a step back to re-evaluate what I want for my children. 

Montessori said to surround your child in beauty. So they can absorb it and become like it. That the child builds his inmost self out of the impressions he receives. 

I want my children to experience the best of what we can offer. Taste the beauty of real food. Have rich and genuine impressions. Our budget is important too but for us it's time to prioritise. Yum! 

Otis drinking milk one handed 15 months

Yummy milk 15 months

Drink that milk

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