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Drying dishes - kid style

Drying dishes - kid style

Caspar wipes the dishes while Otis watches intently. Otis isn't at the stage of participating yet, he will collect and hold his tea towel, he might sit on the dishwasher door and sometimes pulls the cutlery out of the basket. He's naturally inquisitive about what is going on and how he fits into the picture. 

Even for Caspar our regular sized tea towels are too large. The item he is drying gets lost and I fear for breakages. To avoid disagreements they have matching child sized tea towels. I cut a regular sized tea towel in half, hemmed and sewn in a loop. For Otis learning to hang his tea towel on the hook is part of the process. 

Otis with tea towel on low hook

Caspar wiping dishes

I was recently asked about pocket money and chores. Caspar doesn't receive any pocket money and for this age group I'm really opposed to the idea. 

Caspar doesn't have any set chores but there is an implied expectation that he contributes. For the time being Caspar willingly contributes around the home. I have recently changed my language. Rather than ask for his help "can you help me with the dishes" I will simply say something like "the dishwasher is finished, let's empty it" or "let's empty the dishwasher". I don't want him to think he's only to do the task to help me, I want him to do the task because it needs to be done. It works for now.


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