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FAQs - in the Kitchen

Otis wiping counter in fun pod

There are four in the kitchen questions that I get asked very often. Here are my answers!

1. What is Caspar/Otis standing on to reach the counter in the kitchen?

Caspar and Otis use the Little Helper Fun Pod. It's height adjustable so I can adjust it depending on who is using it. I purchased it online from a store that no longer stocks it. I cannot find a current Australian stockist. The Fun Pod has four sides so it's great for the younger child, there is no chance they can slip or fall out (unless they are a super-duper climber and are left unattended). It was well worth the investment, Caspar and Otis both use it multiple times a day. 

2. Should I get a Learning Tower or a Fun Pod?

You can't go wrong with either. When I purchased our Fun Pod there wasn't much information around on the Learning Tower. The Fun Pod is great for the younger child but as the child needs to be lifted into the pod it's more difficult for an older child. Caspar does climb in it himself although it's not recommended. The Fun Pod is really intended for one child (although I've had both in there) and I believe two children can fit on the Learning Tower. 

3. What knife does Caspar use?

In the book Kids in the Kitchen I have described the different types of knifes or cutting tools Caspar has used. He started cutting around 18 months with a butter knife (on a banana) and very quickly moved to a crinkle cutter which he still uses today. I wrote this post featuring the crinkle cutter last year. 

Most of all, for over two years he has used the Victorinox Paring Knife Serrated 10cm, this is the little red one you can see in so many of our pictures. We love this knife because it's small it fits into his hands nicely and it's serrated which I personally prefer for children. 

In the last couple of weeks Caspar has graduated to a larger and sharper knife pictured below. He is now using a Kuhn Rikon Nonstick Serrated Knife (which is really cool as it comes in bright colours and with it's own cover). 

4. Which peeler does Caspar use?

Initially I tried a couple of different peelers but the Victorinox U Shape Peeler was recommended to me by another Montessori parent and was by far the best. At the start peeling was really awkward but this peeler is ergonomically designed and for some reason really Caspar totally took to it.  Caspar is left handed but I'm not sure that mattered. The Victorinox U Shape Peeler is the peeler we used in the book Kids in the Kitchen.

Caspar cutting strawberries with Kuhn Rikon knife

These questions take me back to when Caspar was young. I was desperate for information about materials and what items were suitable for children. Even today if I see a young child cutting I will try and take a peep at what knife they are using! If you have any other questions please feel free to ask in the comments. 

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