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Little Lunches - Mini Frittatas

Mini roast vegetable frittatas

I'm constantly looking for meal and snack ideas for my children. Food they will both eat.  

Nicole at Planning with Kids always has plenty of ideas for quintessential Australian meals. To be honest I rarely use a recipe. I'm really looking for recipe ideas, flavour combinations, especially ideas using ingredients I have on hand or left-overs. 

Mini fritattas are great as the only things that are essential are eggs and milk. Then I look for what else I have in the refrigerator. Salmon and spinach? Chicken and corn? Today it was roast vegetables. 

I cut the vegetables into small pieces and put them in the little dishes with some feta cheese, add my mixture of 3 beaten eggs around 1/4 cup of milk, sprinkle cheddar cheese and my herb of choice on top and bake on medium heat for around 20 minutes. 

Mini roast vegetable frittatas step by step

Today as an after school snack. It's a winner here.

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