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Montessori Toddler Aprons - 15 months +

Montessori Toddler Aprons by GooseDesigns
About a month ago I made Otis an apron, you can see him wearing it in my last post. I couldn't find many aprons for sale for this age group. The aprons 3-6 years are too big. So really similar to Sarah's Apron, I traced the outline of Caspar's apron and made a smaller one for Otis. Just as easy you could take up/in the larger sized apron and then let it out as your child grows. This is great if you can sew and have the time. 

Recently I found these adorable aprons from GooseDesigns. Not only are these aprons made specifically for toddlers 15 months to three years, they're based on a pattern from the AMI Assistants to Infancy training and worn by toddlers in Montessori communities. They are super cute. I admit to being a little biased, we've used many of April's products and have loved every one. These prints are really charming too, don't you think?

GooseDesigns Toddler Apron in Terry Cloth

Recently I noticed these aprons which are made from terry cloth. Great for water activities. The design of these involve elastic under the arm so the toddler can slide into the apron themselves. This would work really well for Otis. I'm thinking these would work well for art too. Our current smock is far too difficult for Otis to put on himself. 

The only other place I've found aprons for toddlers is at Montessori Services here and here.


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