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Peeling a banana the Montessori way?


I love to observe Montessori teachers. I like to see how they demonstrate things that are practical and applicable to our home life. Perhaps I'll learn something. 

During my observations I've noticed teachers demonstrating peeling a banana to toddlers four different ways. Each way has it's purpose I assume.

Slices and pieces are easy for little fingers, great for sharing at snack time and the child can use tongs to put on a serving plate. For the youngest child the adult makes a cut down the skin to make it easier for the child to start. 


I've only seen this half version demonstrated once but it caught my attention immediately. Perhaps it's to prepare the child for peeling a whole banana while still being small enough for them to hold. 


A whole banana is best for the child who is going to eat the entire banana or who is going on to slice the banana themselves. The adult makes a small incision at the top of the banana to help get the child started. 


Could there possibly be other ways to demonstrate peeling a banana? 

The only practical advice I have is to start young. Caspar still asks me to peel his banana for him. At least I know Otis won't have this problem. 

If you are a teacher and if I've totally misinterpreted the peeling process please let me know. 

You can see Henry peeling his banana here

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