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Tracking Toys

Tracking Toys - 12 months plus

Julia's comment on yesterday's post started me thinking about a tracking toy round-up.

Tracking toys allow the child to focus on a moving object. This prepares the eye for reading. The simpler the toy the better, too many patterns provide a distraction. These are great for children of various ages. 1 and 3 have larger balls which are good for a younger child. 

1. TAG Amazing Tracker available at Michael Olaf and Amazon. This great for toddlers as they need to stand to reach the top. I have seen this in many Montessori toddler communities and homes. Please let me know if you find an Australian stockist. 

2. KidKraft Zig Zag Ball Run available at Amazon.

3. Haba Cascading Ball Track available at Classic Baby (Australia).

4. Fagus Wooden Toy Marble Run XL available at Honeybee Toys (Australia).

5. Vilac Wooden Car Tower available at Honeybee Toys (Australia) and Amazon.

6. Colourful Rolling Tracker available at Montessori Child (Australia).

7. Fagus Wooden Toy Marble Run - Foldaway available at Honeybee Toys (Australia).

8. EverEarth Junior Racer at Eco Toys (Australia), Peanut Gallery (Australia) and Amazon.

9. Wooden Zig Zag Race Car Drop available at Echidna on the Loose (Australia). This looks similar to the one Otis was using. This is very lightweight. 

Please feel free to leave links to your favourite tracking toys or let me know if tracking toys are popular in your home.