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Children's ABC Wallet Cards

Yesterday Meg told me about this great Kickstarter project. I instantly fell in love with the project and it's creator Marie-Claire. I can tell Marie-Claire is one fun Montessori mom. The product is a set of alphabet cards on non-toxic plastic that I just know young children would love. The catch is this is a Kickstarter project and I really need your help to make it happen. I also need to mention these aren't ordinary cards, have a look who is illustrating them!

I asked Marie-Claire to tell us a little about the Children's ABC Wallet Cards

Wallet cards designed for kids. Gorgeous, educational, nontoxic cards that not even my twin two-year old boys can destroy.

This durable alphabet deck idea was inspired by my twin boys love for small cards. They both showed interest in the tiny words and graphics on my license, credit cards and even business cards in my wallet at around 8 months of age. However those cards are not meant to withstand heavy usage by babies and toddlers...which resulted in the replacement of several debit and credit cards and licenses by both me and my husband!

As a former Montessori child, and my Mother a Montessori teacher (turned curriculum coordinator) I knew the importance of allowing my children to have access to similar objects that adults use everyday to learn practical life skills. However I wasn't comfortable allowing them to chew and teethe on materials that were made of potentially toxic plastics.

I also knew that credit cards and the collection of gift cards (that I'd scraped together to attempt to satiate their desires!) featuring corporate logos weren't providing any educational advantage as they moved into the next sensitive period of their development. Learning things like object recognition, matching, alphabet, colors, shapes and numbers became their interest and a priority.

So I fused ideas together in an intelligent way: Plastic card format + educational benefit with 100% kid-safe and durable materials.

I have several card deck ideas, however, I've started out the venture with this alphabet deck and am seeking funding on Once that project is funded I will release my list of decks to follow!

This first deck features 26 simple, yet beautiful illustrations of interesting objects for small children. I fell in love with illustrator Marc Martin from France, (who nows lives and works is Melbourne, Australia) several years ago when I worked as a Graphic and Interaction Designer at People Design here in Grand Rapids, MI. His work is simple, colorful and rich with texture. 

I sourced 100% nontoxic, BPA-free, FDA-approved for food contact plastic, nontoxic ink and food-grade coatings. They are extremely durable. Extensive testing has been done by my twin boys while their two-year molars come in… and in our weekly playgroup. Each card (and the graphics printed on them) can withstand child-induced breaking, scratching, bites, rips and tearing.


Montessori families with infants will appreciate the card durability, and as the child grows thee family will enjoy spelling out words together, matching physical objects with the illustrations, learning the alphabet and letter shapes, sorting and organizing and more. Each card is punched with a hole and each deck comes with a re-closable ring for quick clean up and organization.

You can pre-order a deck from the Kickstarter page before August 19, this Sunday night. We need to meet our total goal by that time in order to receive any funding. Your credit card won't be charged and you won't receive your selected reward if funding is unsuccessful. So if you like the idea, please back it at any level! I have some really great rewards for supporters starting at $4 and going al the way up to $500. Please tell others as well, and give us your feedback on our Facebook page.

Thank you Marie-Claire for creating this project and sharing it with us. Please join me - pledges can be made here.  

Did I say fun Montessori mom? Check out this great set up! 

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