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Eco and natural kids paint

Eco and natural kids paint ideas


1. All Natural Youg Artists Paint by LePetitMatisse

2. Naturally Safe Tempera Paint by Wee Can Too

3. SALIS Finger Paints

4. Eco-friendly Paint Kit by Earth Paint

5. Natural Paint by Clementine Art

6. Glob Paint Kit

7. Glob Paint Set

8. Eco-finger Paint by Eco-kids

9. The Original Naturally Safe Finger Paint - Tottle Set by Wee Can Too

Do you know what is in your children's paint? I don't. I looked and none of the paint we currently use lists their ingredients. Other than to say it's non-toxic. What does non-toxic mean? I know it's likely they are full of chemicals. This may be fine for Caspar who can paint with a brush and most of it gets onto the paper. But what about Otis? Sometimes he's covered in it. What about finger paint?

I'd rather be safe than sorry and buy paint that lists it's ingredients but cost is a huge factor. Most of these paints come at a much higher cost. What about the quality? Is it worth it? Are these paints good enough to justify the additional cost? Most of these paints look like they would make wonderful gifts but what about for everyday?

I'm going to find out. Caspar and Otis are going to road test three of these paints and I will post our findings here. It will depend on availability but I'm happy to hear which ones you recommend we try first. 

You can read a review of the Wee Can Too Tottle Set - Veggie Baby Finger Paint here

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