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Practical Life at Sixteen Months - Sweeping and Using the Dustpan

Jack's DIY Learning Tower

DIY Learning Tower from Jackie

Where there's a will there's a way! Experience tells me that children love to work at the kitchen counter with their adults. They love to be where the action is. The kitchen sink, yes - they like to be there too.

Jackie's husband made this fabulous DIY Learning Tower for a total of $30. He used a stool from Ikea with some additional pieces attached above the highest step. Easy and cheap. 

Jackie tells;

"Jack used this learning tower every single day and it was wonderful to watch his independence grow. We found this tower excellent for little people as it was sturdy and light enough for Jack to move by himself around the kitchen when required. 

From a very young age, Jack was able to have access to water play (the sink) whenever he felt like it, drinks of water (we modified the tap a little), and of course the bench top for cooking."

Jack using DIY Learning Tower

I think it's wonderful and innovative. I'm sure Jack likes it too. Here he is at fifteen months accessing the kitchen sink independently. 

Jack at sink

 Thank you Jackie for sharing with us!

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