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Practical Life at Sixteen Months - Sweeping and Using the Dustpan

Dustpan + broom + waste bucket 

Otis the little walker is getting into everything now. He's been busy sweeping and copying his brother. He doesn't really get sweeping yet. He just pushes the crumbs around the floor. Caspar has been demonstrating with the little broom and dustpan. We have a little bucket nearby so he can take this with him. He will empty the dustpan into the bucket then take the bucket to the rubbish bin and empty it. Giving him another thing to carry around also meets his need to transport things. I've also lowered a lot of our hooks so they are within easy reach for Otis. 

I really like the idea that if a child makes a mess or spills something they can clean it up themselves. Otis now has everything he needs to sweep up spills but the the actual skill of sweeping will take a bit longer yet.  

Otis standing in pantry with dustpan
Otis with dustpan

Ot with dustpan and broom

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