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Practical Life - Care of the Environment - watering

Montessori Practical Life - Care of the Environment - watering

Otis has had plenty of practice watering outside. For inside he uses this watering can with a spout that pours, it doesn't spray. The key to not over-watering is to limit the amount of water in the watering can. I only half fill it for Otis. The water you can see on the floor is where he has missed the pot. Practice makes perfect. 

Since Otis has started walking we've introduced practical life activities slowly, perhaps one a week. We're in no rush.

Montessori - toddler practical life activities
Now his watering can joins his dustpan and broom in the pantry, all within easy reach. 

Practical life materials - watering can, dustpan and broom and bucket

I'd love to know what practical life activities you are doing with your toddler. I'll continue to share the activities Otis is doing as we introduce them. 

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