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That's independence - using the Tripp Trapp at sixteen months

Otis in highchair 16 months

Many refer to the weaning chair as the Montessori substitute for a high chair. Otis eats at his low table and chair for most snacks and lunches but we value his presence at the family table for breakfast and dinner. Rather than confine him to a high chair we've chosen a more independent style of high chair. We've chosen the Stokke Tripp Trapp but chairs like this come in a wide rage of styles and in every price bracket as can see in the post High Chairs for a Montessori Home

A month or so ago I removed the baby set so Otis just sits on the chair as above. At first I didn't leave his side. I was worried while he was learning the boundaries he would slip and fall. With this chair the seat and footrest are adjustable. It's difficult to know at what height to set them. I want the footrest to be low enough that he can climb into and out of the chair but high enough he can sit comfortably at the table. 

While Otis has been learning how to get into and down from his chair I have helped him but provided the minimal amount of help required. Now at sixteen months he can comfortably and safely get down from his chair. He still cannot get into his chair he just needs little push up. 

Otis using tripp trap


Edited 21 August: It only took a couple of days, Otis can now also climb into his chair independently. It's amazing of what they are capable of when you give them the chance. 

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