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Walk baby

Otis walking to the shops.

I've mentioned it a lot lately - Otis loves to walk. Yes he's still wobbly on his feet but he wants to walk. When I need to pick him up he protests. He's practising so he can master the skill, just like anything else. 

I'm usually surrounded by other Montessori parents or friends who think in similar ways so it's no issue to slow down to wait for him and it's by no means out of the ordinary. But how things change when we go somewhere like the post office or the supermarket. When he walks he gets looks, smiles and praise. Out in public he is out of the ordinary. What? A walking toddler?

It wasn't so long ago that I read Maria Montessori's The Child in the Family. At the time I was outraged by the suggestion that our children are oppressed. As I saw it today our children have freedom like never before. But now that I've stepped out of my little bubble and have my own walking toddler I notice all the other toddlers in prams. Honestly I know people are busy as I am too - but this is important. 

It's easy to get caught up with doing activities with our children or giving them the right toys. I know for Otis right now walking is by far the most important activity. Forget the puzzles and get out walking. Montessori doesn't get simpler than this. 

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