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A little table

I was getting a little frustrated with out kitchen set up. Otis cannot yet use Caspar's drinking station and he cannot open or close the pantry door with one hand while holding something in the other. Otis needed a little addition.

This is a small coffee table that works a bit like a snack table. His water jug and glass are kept here unless he takes them to his table for a meal. This is where he gets a drink during the day. This is where I put his tray or snacks. The idea is that he doesn't eat here but takes the food from here (rather than me holding it and waiting for him and passing it to him or leaving it on the floor) to his table. It's also the perfect place for him to put his dishes when he's finished. The placemat is there permanently because it gets wet. 

If I'm busy in the kitchen it's easy for me to put his food/snack/tray here and he can come and get it when he's ready. The jug is little as he spills a lot and it needs to be refilled frequently, but the benefit is there - he can independently get his own drink. It's also great practice for him to carry his own food and set his own table. 


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