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Australia in September - Henry Kendall

Wattle is here. Spring is here
Since it's almost the end of September I wanted to share a poem Caspar and I have been reading. It's beautiful and touching and is September in Australia. This is an edited version the full version can be found here
September in Australia 

 by Henry Kendall

Grey Winter hath gone like a wearisome guest, 

And, behold, for repayment, 

September comes in with the wind from the west 

And the spring in her raiment! 

The ways of the frost have been filled of the flowers, 

While the forest discovers 

Wild wings, with the halo of hyaline hours, 

And the music of lovers. 


September, the maid with the swift silver feet! 

She glides and she graces 

The valleys of coolness, the slopes of the heat, 

With her blossomy traces; 

Sweet month, with a mouth that is made of a rose, 

She lightens and lingers 

In spots where the harp of the evening glows, 

Attuned by her fingers.


We, having a secret to others unknown, 

In the cool mountain mosses, 

May whisper together, September alone 

Of our loves and our losses. 

One word for her beauty, and one for the grace 

She gave to the hours; 

And then we may kiss her, and suffer her face

To sleep with the flowers.

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