Little hands today. Learning. Exploring. Feeling.
Travelling with a toilet learning toddler - give me strength.

Caspar's observation table

Field guide on clip on observation table

Caspar's desk is often full of little projects that he has going on. Some projects last a day or so and other much longer (some never really finish!). Often he has things he wants to leave out, things he is in the middle of doing but in the meantime needs to use his desk for something else. Rather than add another desk to serve the same purpose I set up an observation table, right next to his desk for one ongoing project. This week he is exploring his new field guide (drawing the leaves/branches is one step in this!). 

Peg board is excellent and so, so useful. There are many ways in which he will be able to use this space. I see him changing the pegs and adding different baskets, clips and accessories as he goes along. Caspar is four (almost five) so this space is small and really simple for him to manage. 

The observation table is actually Caspar's workbench which we made over a year ago. It's been in our garage and hasn't been touched for many months. It's lost a bit of paint from all that hammering and wood work but I think that adds to it's charm. To make the workbench we asked our hardware store cut the peg board to size then we cut the lip off the back of the child sized table and used several nails to nail it in place. 

I call it an observation table only because most of his projects involve observing something, it's these kind of things that he likes to leave out and come back to. I already have a sneaking suspicion of what he will put here next. 

Leaves and branches in basket on peg board observation table

Peg board observation table

Caspar's observation table

Observation table next to desk

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