Putting things away and tidying up - what a toddler can do
Caspar's observation table

Little hands today. Learning. Exploring. Feeling.

Learning to be gentle with plants

Otis is learning to control his movements. He is learning to touch plants without damaging them. I would often ask Otis not to touch plants as I knew he would pull at them. I needed to turn this behaviour around and give him the opportunity to be gentle.
"They (children) are continuously given the negative message not to move and not to touch anything. As a result they arrive at the logical conclusion that their movement is not good, since it is not accepted, and that everything they do is not good. Indeed, they are often openly told that they are "bad" because they want to be active." - Silvana Montanaro, Understanding the Human Being.
Handling pet hermit crab
Caspar is learning resolve. The hermit crab tickles but he knows if he moves his hand he will startle the crab. Handling these little creatures is a good way to get to know them better. Slowly Caspar is taking more responsibility for their care.

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