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Travelling with a toilet learning toddler - give me strength.

We know the sensitive period for toilet learning is 12-18 months. Eek, Otis is now 17 months and although we've been doing well (by our standards) things are still a bit hit and miss. Otis wears training pants or underpants at home. When we are out of the house Otis usually wears training pants. For his night sleep he wears a nappy. At home he occasionally makes it to the potty. He knows when he needs to go. Sometimes he will look at the potty and sometimes he will look at me and next thing we know there is a... Read more →

Caspar's desk is often full of little projects that he has going on. Some projects last a day or so and other much longer (some never really finish!). Often he has things he wants to leave out, things he is in the middle of doing but in the meantime needs to use his desk for something else. Rather than add another desk to serve the same purpose I set up an observation table, right next to his desk for one ongoing project. This week he is exploring his new field guide (drawing the leaves/branches is one step in this!). Peg... Read more →

Otis is learning to control his movements. He is learning to touch plants without damaging them. I would often ask Otis not to touch plants as I knew he would pull at them. I needed to turn this behaviour around and give him the opportunity to be gentle. . "They (children) are continuously given the negative message not to move and not to touch anything. As a result they arrive at the logical conclusion that their movement is not good, since it is not accepted, and that everything they do is not good. Indeed, they are often openly told that... Read more →