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Travelling with a toilet learning toddler - give me strength.

We know the sensitive period for toilet learning is 12-18 months. Eek, Otis is now 17 months and although we've been doing well (by our standards) things are still a bit hit and miss.

Otis wears training pants or underpants at home. When we are out of the house Otis usually wears training pants. For his night sleep he wears a nappy.

At home he occasionally makes it to the potty. He knows when he needs to go. Sometimes he will look at the potty and sometimes he will look at me and next thing we know there is a puddle on the floor. But he is making progress and we are happy with where we are at.

Last night we received some tragic news. First thing tomorrow we will be flying out to be with family. With all the craziness of suddenly packing and making arrangements I almost gave myself permission to go back to nappies full time. We have a flight to catch, longs drives ahead of us. Many hours will be spent in the homes of family. I am afraid that Otis will not use the potty while we are away. That the planning, washing and cleaning will be a waste of time. But if we go back to nappies what message does that send to Otis?

I know that a toilet learning toddler is nothing to be embarrassed by. But as we are toilet learning earlier than others it feels like we have a point to prove (and that we will fail miserably). My family are completely understanding, I know there is no shame in having a toddler not make it to the potty. There is no shame in wet pants. I know my family will support me and Otis.

Give me strength. I know that I can do this. I know that I can be the parent that I want to be. 

I'm not sure when I'll make it back to the blog, it may be a few days, it may be a week. Stay safe and I'll see you soon!

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