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Using a reference book to find an answer

The cheetah eating a giraffe.
Do you get asked a lot of questions? Caspar asks questions constantly. Often he asks the same question repeatedly which gives me the impression that my answer wasn't satisfying and he wants to know more. 
Caspar:     What does a Cheetah eat?
Kylie:        What do you think a Cheetah eats?
Caspar:     I don't know.
Kylie:        Let's find out.
Caspar:     How?
Kylie:        How about we look it up?
Caspar:     Where?
Kylie:        How about in a book?
Caspar:     In my big book of animals!
Caspar knew where to find the answer he just needed help and guidance. First he had to identify the initial sound of Cheetah as in 'ch'. Together we looked through the table of contents then the index. Caspar then had to find the right page number.
I read to Caspar as he took mental note of the facts about Cheetahs. This book has a fact box which contains brief facts like distribution and food. Yes, Cheetahs eat meat. Funnily enough he then wanted to draw a picture of a Cheetah eating. 
Caspar drawing cheetahs
Caspar recited some important facts about Cheetahs which by request I wrote down. We also found a model which by using his reference book Caspar discovered is actually a Snow Leopard. 

Cheetahs might bite your hand
Caspar has used reference books before but never to answer a specific question. I hope this leads to more questions and more independent learning. 
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