Can you laminate cellophane?
A Pouring Activity


Otis with colour circles

I guarantee your child will love these. They super easy to make. I made circles of the same size so the children could focus on the colours but it would be just as easy to cut out different shapes for the children to 'build' on the window. I find this more of art expression than learning about shapes or colours. 

Otis with yellow circle

How did we get to this point? After making the Fun Colour Window Shapes (which I totally love because the black frames make a real statement) I laminated cellophane and then later tried contact and cellophane. Contact and cellophane didn't work so well as there were too many bubbles. At the stationary store I looked for coloured transparent contact which I thought would work well doubled over and cut out on the window. I couldn't find any contact that would work but I did find some colour plastic document pockets. I looked at colour plastic page dividers but the plastic pockets worked out to be more economical. 

To make these shapes I cut the coloured plastic document pockets at the sides to flatten them out. I traced around the outside of a small bowl with a pen to make a circle and then cut out all circles with scissors. I put the circles in a container by the window and invited the kids to play. 

To apply the circles to the window they need to be slightly moist. I lightly sprayed the window with water. They are easily applied and reapplied without any mess. Otis loves putting them on but also loves peeling them off.

Otis with circles in the morning

They look great in the morning sun when you can get the coloured reflection inside on the floor. 

Otis stepping on colour reflections - morning light


Circles in window

Colour reflections on floor - morning sun

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