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Making a robot
Last night after reading about the International Space Station Caspar spoke of making a robot, one that could fly into space. After reading bedtime stories we often speak of what we would like to do the next day. Caspar says he likes to dream about it. 
After a trip to the hardware store and some helpful wire cutting from Dad, Caspar set out to make his robot. Usually when Caspar is playing or working I am nearby in the background, cooking, cleaning, playing with Otis. Often I will check on him, making sure he knows I'm around if he needs help. Today I made myself 'not so' available. 
I could hear him. Paper crinkling, boxes moving, tape tearing. I heard him in the fridge and getting a drink. I could hear him chatter to himself. But I didn't check on him for over an hour. And what a delightful hour he had.
He made a wonderful robot. He had made plans too. A remote control. A recharging station. Instructions. This may happen frequently at your house but not here. It was the largest and most detailed project that he had even undertaken independently. I believe this only happened because I made myself 'not so' available. 
Caspar taping on wings

Caspar taping up robot

Caspar making robot
Caspar the flying robot #3
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