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Peg Practice

Otis trying to peg the sock - 17 months
While writing the last post about cutting with scissors I was reminded about Otis's attempts to use a peg. Using a peg would also be a good for strengthening hand and finger muscles in preparation for using scissors and one day writing.
The above photograph is a month or so old (I featured it previously as a Photo of the Day). Whenever I hang out the laundry Otis helps to set up this small hanger and he will hang socks and some of his clothes. I have previously shown Otis how to use a peg but thought it might be time to set up an activity on his shelves so he can practice whenever he wants. 
This below is a standard pegging activity of putting the pegs on the outside of the bucket. I like the aesthetics of our wooden pegs but these plastic pegs are much easier to use. I found that it was beneficial to start with putting all the pegs on the bucket and let Otis remove them. He cannot put the pegs back on the bucket but he has worked out how to use them. 
Peg practice
Just to keep it real - there were times when Otis just pulled the peg apart. It's all exploration!
Keeping it real - broken peg
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