The Period of Maximum Effort and Undertaking Intelligent Activity
Matching with more and DIY cards

Sorting and Matching

Matching identical model animals

I'm not sure if it's related to Caspar being back at school or to his stage in development but Otis is going through his materials at a great pace. He is using a lot of materials everyday although he might only do the activity once or twice which might last only one or two minutes. In some way this is really frustrating as he appears to be concentrating less and acting like he is in a hurry.

Above Otis is matching some small model animals. Most of his matching activities to date have been matching identical items such as model animals or fruits and vegetables

Today we started a sorting activity with nuts. Otis cannot sit still and there is no way of making him, it's a matter of embracing it. He was still able to sort the nuts while jumping and moving around. I would love a sorting tray, some empty bowls could have worked well too. 

Sorting nuts

Today I also introduced matching household items to identical picture cards. I knew that he would be able to do this and really could have introduced it months ago. This was fun as he did sit still to explore the items before sorting. Otis did this many times as he enjoyed setting up the activity and placing the cards at the top of his mat. I only put three items in the basket but I now realise this was a gross underestimation of his ability. I think he could easily manage 9-12 objects. What do you think? Perhaps the work I have been presenting him (or making available on his shelves) isn't challenging enough. Time to make some more cards! 
Matching household items (kitchen) to identical picture
Exploring household (kitchen) items while doing matching work

Matching household items (kitchen) to identical picture cards
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