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Throwing and redirecting bad behaviour.

Otis throwing first

When one of my children acts out it's usually obvious why - their needs aren't being met. They're tired, over-tired, over-stimulated, hungry or frustrated. Some needs are easier to meet. Hunger and sleep are usually easy to deal with.

Frustration is a little different. Otis often throws things I think out of frustration. It's his biggest behavioural concern (usually because of the consequence of hurting others). I'm also really tired of saying no. No Otis we don't throw our toys. No Otis, no, no, no. I want to say yes just a little more often.

Yes Otis let do some throwing!

What you cannot see in the pictures is we have a basket of small bean bags for throwing. We started off throwing from behind a line. You know toddlers don't like games with rules and the line soon disappeared. We've been playing this game inside too. We just move the hoop back, further away for Caspar.  For both kids this is great for their coordination.

Otis throwing Collage 1

Otis throwing Collage

We also have indoor and outdoor ball baskets. These balls help teach Otis there is an appropriate way to throw. Outside we have a basketball, small soccer ball and a tennis ball. Inside we have soft balls. These balls are meant for playing with another person; throwing, kicking, rolling and passing. Sometimes Otis just likes to throw the ball then chase it, that's ok too. I'm not sure that it's helped to reduce his frustration but I hope it's redirected his need to throw. 

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