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Two boys - one room

Otis sleeping in Otis and Caspar's Room

Before Otis was born I had his floor bed in this exact location - in Caspar's room. I have always wanted my two children to sleep in the same room, to share a bedroom. Except as Otis's birth got closer I struggled to see how it could work. I couldn't completely baby proof Caspar's room. Was it safe for a baby to sleep in the same room as a pre-schooler? The baby could get stuck under Caspar's bed. So before Otis was born I put his bed in a separate room and set it up as much as I could as a Montessori nursery

Once Otis became mobile bedtime became stressful. Otis would get out of bed and go into Caspar's room. Reading bedtime stories often resulted in me carrying one child back to their room asleep. There was a lot of running in between rooms. 

A few months ago I asked Caspar if he would like to share a room with Otis. He liked the idea so much that we move the furniture straight away. Now they share a room and bedtime is much easier and simpler. Although it involves reading A LOT of bedtime stories. 

Two boys - one room

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