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Friday Night Traditions and our Bottle Top Wind Chime

Friday Night Traditions
I love the thought of a Friday night tradition. Pizza and movie night appeals to me but I know that is not going to happen until my children are older - much older (neither of them would sit through a whole movie).

I love the thought of family art night. But Caspar (who leads us on this parenting journey) isn't a huge on art, he likes to draw but art would not be his choice. Caspar love making, he loves building. His 'making box' is bursting at the seams. We are collecting almost everything possible (think recyclables) for making. I think we found our Friday night tradition. Pizza and Family Making Night!

We have been collecting bottle tops for months. Perhaps for gluing or for robot buttons. Or if we string them together we can make music! How perfect that earlier in the day we found this branch in a car park and Caspar insisted we bring it home.  

It was Caspar's first time using a drill (to drill those little holes into the bottle tops). Oh what a thrill!

Threading bottle tops

Threading onto twine with a knot after each cap

Wind chime - lids on twine

Wind chime with bottle tops

Bottle top wind chime
Unless they are terribly unclean my children also skip a bath on Friday nights. Eek - yes I just told the world that one night a week my kids skip a bath. I would love to hear if you have a Friday night tradition. 
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