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Gardening for stress relief - Pea Hut

Pea Climbing Frame

I had a stressful weekend and a terrible start to the week. After driving a hire car for four days I was more than appreciative when our mechanic finally arrived to finish the job he started.  While he was tinkering away on our car I was in desperate need of stress relief. Gardening with the kids has a calming effect on me. From start to finish I didn't think about our car (or mechanic) once. 

I had this idea pinned on my To do board but I didn't have the exact same supplies. The idea is originally from a Bean Hut at Paint on the Ceiling. I think the idea is brilliant. This is our 'use what we have' Pea Hut. Two planter boxes, bamboo stakes, plant netting, twine and some seedlings.

We have a small back yard but I love that there is always something growing, there is always something going on. Our weather is beautiful right now, these won't take long to grow.  

Otis with the supplies

Caspar planting

Caspar watering

Otis mulching

Otis watering peas



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