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Reasons why I love Lego

Reasons why I love Lego
There is no doubt Lego was a significant invention. Known around the world for decades Lego has received many awards and many have labelled it the best toy ever. As a parent there are many reasons why I love Lego.
  • Fun for all ages. From Duplo to Lego Architecture, Lego has products that cover childhood.
  • Aesthetics. Although it's plastic I find Lego visually appealing. Duplo in a bucket or Lego on a table those brightly coloured blocks look fantastic and I can't help but think they look a little retro.
  • Open ended. Although most Lego is now sold in packs, once you have a few packs the pieces are really open ended. As long as the child has imagination the pieces can be used to build anything. 
  • Sold in packs. I might have complained about it in the past but right now at five Caspar is enjoying meticulously following instructions to build his Lego. I feel learning to follow instructions especially with items that take a few sessions to build, requires concentration and follow though. 
  • Imaginative/role play. In our home those little Lego people act out all sorts of scenes from shops, school to police. I believe that role play like this can help children process and made sense of the world.
  • Great for gifts. Lego is accessible and affordable. This makes it great for gift giving and for suggestions when people are looking for gifts for Caspar.
  • Good age guidelines. Lego is one product where I follow the age recommendations if I want Caspar to come somewhere near to being able to build the items by himself. 
  • Children love it. I have two boys and both love Lego (Duplo included!). 
Reasons why I love Lego
Reasons why I love Lego - how we montessori

There are also things I don't like about Lego.
  • They hurt when you step on them or when they are thrown at you.
  • Storage. We still haven't figured out the best way to store our Lego. The Swoop Bag is on my wish list and may be the answer. 
  • Lost pieces. I am forever finding pieces of Lego in between cushions and under couches. 
  • Violence. You really need to be careful, many packs contain Lego weapons which can lead to violent Lego play. 

Please feel free to join in if there are reasons you like or don't like Lego (do you think it's the best toy of all time?) and please chime in if you have a great Lego storage solution. 


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