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Supporting local artists

Local artists

After writing about buying and eating local foods I began to think seriously about other products that we consume. In what other areas could we 'do better'?

Straight away I was brought back to my post about breakages where I wrote of our desire to use real natural (breakable) materials in our home including drinkware and crockery. I was reminded of a comment left by a reader who supports her local artists by using locally produced pottery. Why weren't we doing this? The bowl which broke in that post was imported from the U.S. I love U.S producers but it just makes sense to check out our local scene. And I'm glad we did!

Today the boys and I visited a store run by local independent artists. There was a great range of products. While there were higher end gift type products I also found a lot of little affordable items that were perfect for children. We didn't break the budget, we supported local artists and look at some of the wonderful items we can now use to serve our foods. Beautiful.

Support local artists

We also had the opportunity to chat to one of the artists which was such a delight. I managed a treat for myself too, this pot but in black. If you are local you may be interested to know about the Canberra Potters' Society Christmas Gift Fair. It's hard to see the scale of the items in the above photograph but the mug pictured is tiny - so sweet I cannot wait to give it to Otis. 

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