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Water activities for toddlers

Montessori sponging activity
It was a hot day today. While my children spent the afternoon outside with buckets of water and spray bottles - Otis began the day with some super simple indoor water activities.

Sponging is an activity that Otis loves at our Montessori Parent-Toddler class. Two bowls, one with a small sponge and some water. The child uses the sponge to transfer the water from bowl to bowl. This is an activity that I have used as a diversion at school. Otis loves water play (like most toddlers I'm sure). If he is taking a long time washing dishes or at the art sink, or another child is waiting, I will divert Otis to the sponging so he still fulfills his need for water play. 

Sponging - water transfer with a sponge

Montessori toddler water transfer with a sponge

Otis sponging with two hands

Water transfer with baster activity
Water transfer with a baster. Otis doesn't get the concept that this is for transferring water so he just plays with it, sucking up and squirting the water. The idea is the child uses the baster to transfer the water from one bowl to the other. 

Water transfer with baster - toddler activity
Otis using baster for water transfer
Water transfer with baster - Otis
Pouring with funnel activity tray
Pouring with a funnel. This is really simple and Otis loves it. We could take this outside and he could do it all day. I like the idea of a funnel with a handle but to be honest Otis doesn't use it. 
Pouring with a funnel water activity

Pouring with a funnel - toddler water activity
Otis (19 months) can do all of these activities independently which is great for building his concentration, he can just keep going without the need for interruptions or asking for help. 
Are these activities you have or would try at home with your toddler? It would be easy to do them at a water table or even at the kitchen sink if you were worried about spills. Or how about the funnel activity in the bath?
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