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Caspar's Making

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Making things is Caspar's art. It's his creative outlet. His making materials have expanded so much over the last few months that his 'making box' exploded. His making materials were stored in a large black box you can see in the first photograph in the post where he makes a robot

While we have a lot of materials stored in our Art Centre, the most commonly used items are kept within his reach. The wooden caddy you can see is his making caddy. It's essential for making. Scissors, twine, tape.

On the bottom of the art centre there are three big tubs of what are essentially recyclables. Empty cartons, cardboard, bottle tops, rope, string bags - everything we can think of that could be used for making. Large cardboard boxes are stored in our garage. 

So with his making caddy, sometimes his drawing caddy and materials he is set to go. Usually he tells me that he is making something or asks for something (such as a box) but sometimes I just find him deep in the making process. 

Recyclable tubs

Recyclables for making

Here he is in action... 


I'm not sure if Otis is helping or just supervising. Can you guess what they are making?


It's a radio station of course!