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GLOB Paint Kit with Natural Colours

GLOB Paint Kit

Rachel is here today with a review of the GLOB Paint Kit with Natural Colours. Made in California, GLOB paints are made from fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices with natural ingredients and organic extracts. The paints work just like watercolours. The water soluble pigments become paint by adding water. Rachel purchased the paints from Craft 4 Kids here

GLOB paint kit

We have used the GLOB paints several times since these first pics. They are a great price, especially considering the fact that they are eco-friendly, they include compostable jars with lids, and 2 bamboo brushes.

The brushes are divine, very high quality and wash well too. I am going to purchase the GLOB bamboo brush tube once they get more stock in.

The first thing I noticed was that the paint powders smelt so lovely (Cameron picked Pomegranate & Plum Purple). We mixed them to a more watercolour-like consistency. If we used less water, the colours would be extra vibrant. Mixed like this, the paints were gorgeous. We used both normal paper and watercolour paper (the smaller piece of paper).

Cam loved talking about how the paints were made with natural plants. Mixing the colours up with water was a fun part of the process too.

I would definitely recommend these paints. They're a great add-on to your art material selection.

GLOB paints - natural colours
GLOB paint kit - natural and eco friendly

Thank you for the review Rachel. Rachel has two young children, Cameron and Lucy and you can read her blog Racheous here

You can read my initial post on eco and natural kids paint and my review of the wee can too - veggie baby finger paint. Both Rachel and I paid for our own paints and have received no incentives or payment of any kind for these reviews. 

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