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'it's good for us to be reminded that there are people with nothing' 

A Girl & her world is a small Australian based organisation that supports the education of girls in Fiji. It was established by Jane Kennedy after a friend in Fiji reached out to her for help, you can read their story here

It often feels as though we are not well off. Often it feels like we don't have enough money to be able to do all the things we want to do. Then I was reading through the archives of the a Girl & her world blog and I came across this from Jane...

Kym and I were talking this morning about perspective bringers. Those moments that we all have at different times that are intended to remind us of how great we actually have it, even if we feel like life is sometimes all too hard. This morning after receiving an email from Urmila in Fiji about a new girl she had assessed, I asked Kym to please send over the money needed to set her up. I matter-of-fact-ly texted and said ‘she’ll need it all in one go as she has nothing’… no uniform, books, bag, shoes, nothing. Kym responded by saying, ‘it’s good for us to be reminded that there are people with nothing’. I paused.

In the work that we do it’s easy to get matter of fact. It’s easy to get busy with the work of supporting girls and their families and to disconnect sometimes with the reality that there are people who have nothing. No food, no job, no school supplies, no money for fees or books or stationery. 

So what can we do to help? In 2013 all the money from sponsorship on this blog will go towards a Girl & her world. Thank you to sponsors who have decided to continue and thank you to new sponsors that you will soon hear about. If you are interested in sponsorship please send me an email at I also thank you - readers of this blog, because without you there wouldn't be any sponsors at all. 

I have placed a Girl & her world image on the left side bar and it will remain there all year. If at any time you would like to find out more the link will be there. If by chance you know of someone who may be able to help through spreading the word or making a donation, please send them a link also.

In the last couple of days Fiji has been devastated by Cyclone Evan. Many families have lost everything. Now is a good time to donate. $5 will give a girl hair ribbons for a year, $10 will give a girl stationary for a year, $25 will give a girl's family chickens for eggs and income support. You can read the entire Christmas catalogue here and stay up to date with a Girl & her world (and how they are helping those effected by the cyclone) on their Facebook page

I encourage you to look through the a Girl & her world site, there are many heart warming stories. Please link and share with your friends. I know this post is a little out of the usual so thank you for reading.

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